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Why Use Online Counselling?

In these busy times, it can be difficult to travel to a face to face appointment and changes in daily routine can make it difficult to make a pre-arranged appointment time. – with online counselling you can speak with a qualified counsellor from your own home. You can use a service which gives you a specific appointment time or you can use email counselling which enables you to write these when is most convenient for you.

Who might benefit from online counselling?

Everyone can benefit from using online counselling, and a lot of people prefer to use an online medium than having to see a therapist face to face, you might find it easier to type, or it might help to not have to worry about things like eye contact and body language. It might just be easier than travelling and takes off the time needed to do so.

If you have a disability that might make travel difficult then any of our online service may benefit you by taking travel out of the equation.

If you have any problems with hearing or speech then our email or instant messaging counselling might help you as this is a text based service.

To find more information on our services please go to the Our services Page.

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